Working while quarantine: how to survive?

Nowadays, many companies and startups are facing serious difficulties due to quarantine. While some companies stop all their projects, cooperation with partners and hiring process, companies that try to maintain market position are struggling with other obstacles. One of the main questions that arise before such companies is how to organize the working process when most of the employees are working from home?

We believe that every problem is not only an obstacle but also an opportunity. Quarantine is not an example. So, we would like to introduce you to a new opportunity while being on quarantine – working remotely. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, remote work has a lot of advantages for you, and there always is a way to organize it in a way, beneficial for the whole team.


Employer vs remote work

Since all our team has been working remotely for almost 3 years, we know a lot about organizing distance work and education that is both effective and comfortable for the employers. Here are some important things to remember for business owners who want to keep their team productive during quarantine:
  • Organize your work

First of all, you have to Identify all employees that can work in a remote format and provide them with such a possibility. Make sure that they have everything they need to work and communicate quickly. Discuss the working hours, during which employees have to be available online. It is not necessary to set up a complete teamwork tracking - this will result in even lower productivity, though, remote work cannot be an excuse to do other things in secret.

Also, the good thing is to schedule your team activities for a specific period, for example, a week. Every Monday, you can create a detailed list of tasks for each employee/department with specific achievable and measurable results. Do not forget to set up a clear deadline. At the end of the week, analyze what tasks were left unfulfilled and why. Keep this in mind when planning your next period.

Quarantine is a good possibility to do things that usually are ignored. Take some time to evaluate your work, establish your goals and plans, organize all work documentation. You may notice that your company’s website needs an upgrade, or some unpaid bills are waiting for you. Remote work also creates an opportunity for your employees to learn more. Ask them to try specialized online courses or webinars.

There are a lot of tools to help you organize your workspace. Our top 3 is:

Don’t forget to customize your working e-mail, calendar, and workflow.

Employee vs remote work

If your boss has decided to switch to remote work, it may seem very comfortable at the first sight. However, it is not so easy to stay as productive as in the office while wearing your pajamas and lying in bed.

  •  Communicate with your team

Choose the main communication channels for work issues and everyday communication. Dedicate some time, for example, 30 min every Monday for a stand-up video conference with the team. During stand-ups, you can also discuss weekly tasks. It’s also just a good opportunity just to say hello to everyone in your team.

Agree on digital etiquette rules, such as how to share information on messaging platforms, what is better for making video calls, and what can be discussed through email or working chat. It is better to discuss the urgent issues or problems in common working chat. If you haven’t created such yet, now is the best time to do it!

The best sources for work communication: 

Don’t forget to communicate with your team only during working hours. Don’t expect them to answer your questions out of business hours.

  •  Take care of one another

Small business is not one that is facing difficulties during COVID 19 pandemic. Our ordinary life has changed a lot too. Your employees might live with older people, who are in a risk group, and therefore, worry about them. If they have minor kids, it could also be difficult for them to organize their work and take care of children at the same time. So, it’s very important to take enough care for the mental health of your team.

Make sure that everyone in your team can feel comfortable and can trust one another. If any of your team has an emergency because of personal issues, try to support them and don’t expect that they will be into work for all 100%.

You can also organize an online party and casually hang up with your team to cheer them up. During such parties, you can discuss everyday problems, movies, and all other things that you usually don’t have time to talk about.

Don’t forget to ask everyone in your team these simple questions during stand-ups: How are you? How do you feel today? Is there anything I can do for you?

  • Get ready for work

Start with your workplace. Find a nice quiet place with stable Internet access. Try to eliminate any distractions. Don’t work from your bed. Avoid working in pajamas. Pick comfortable smart casual clothes. Also, try to discuss with your relatives the time during which you will be unavailable because of work.

  • Pay attention to time management

Dedicate some time at the start of your working day to make the plan of things you have to do. Keep that plan in mind all day. Start your work with the hardest tasks. Don’t forget to check your mail and working chat. Evaluate your tasks checklist in the evening to find out why some of the tasks weren’t completed.

Tools to help you organize your time:


  • Stay healthy 

Start your day with a shower and a healthy breakfast, and don’t forget to eat during the day. Mix your work and rest periods. Use rest time to do some exercises and refresher muscles after a long seat. Try to sleep well. Take enough care of your mental health. Stay connected with your friends online.

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