Full-stack Developer

Company description

Company develops a platform that helps give nonprofits wings. They help nonprofits plan, craft and execute smart, data-driven crowdfunding campaigns. Platform provides a unique blend of ultra-powerful fundraising technologies, expert nonprofit marketing and fundraising strategic advisors to guide clients through the fundraising process.

Main requirements

  • Experience collaborating with Git;
  • Ruby, Python, or Clojure (any one of the three); 
  • TypeScript, Scala, or Rust (any one of the three); 
  • Vue, React, or Elm (any one of the three); 
  • Experience in writing SQL queries for RDBMS; AWS or GCP.
  • Extra credit - interest in or experience with e-commerce, fintech, functional programming, TDD, or DDD, DevOps, microservices, or event-driven systems.
Experience: working professionally for 1+ year
English: Intermediate or higher
Salary: $1000-$2500 gross
This is fully remote long term vacancy in Israel company for Ukrainian residents.


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