.NET Developer

Company description

Company specializes in retail e-commerce market. A team of senior professionals in the Marketing, Cloud and scalable IT architectures, UX and business experts, that provide every day advanced consulting in one of the most promising fast growing market.

Main requirements

  • Asp.net Core + EntityFramework Core (Web Forms + MVC);
  • knowledge of SQL;
  • Xamarine;
  • LINQ;
  • Azure (  App services, Database SQL, SignalR, Blob Storage);
  • Azure DevOps;
  • Postman;
  • Develop in C#;
  • Blazor;
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript + jQuery;
  • Stack Microsoft;
  • EF, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC, Azure;
  • GIT.
Experience: working professionally for 3-5 years
Languages: Intermediate Italian or upper-intermediate English
Salary: $1000-$1800 gross
This is fully remote long term vacancy in an Italian company for Ukrainian residents.


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