Senior/Lead Backend Developer with PHP, Wroclaw, Poland (relocation required)

Company description

B2B/B2C SaaS e-commerce platform for brands. In other words, company makes software used for selling products, both wholesale and directly to consumers. Company's aim is to be the very best in the world. They are already working with some very strong brands and are growing rapidly. Company is currently a team of 40 and aims to double the number by the end of 2021.

Main reguirements

             PHP 7.2/7.4 (required);

             MariaDB (this or just MySQL required);

             Elasticsearch (nice-to-have);

             Redis (nice-to-have);

             Node.js (nice-to-have);

             Go (not required);

             Elixir (not required)

  • An eagerness to work on a big enterprise application handling extreme traffic loads (50/50 maintenance and new features);
  • A good understanding of modern PHP and programming standards; backend tech-stack in order of importance:
  • Passion for refactoring and optimization; understanding SQL indexes work in SQL;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Team spirit and a good eye for details;
  • Down to earth, minimalistic way of coding;
  • Extra credit - experience in following tools and platforms: GitHub; Jenkins (multi-branch pipeline for CI); Postman; AWS (Lambda, SQS, S3, Glacier, Route 53); DigitalOcean; Cloudflare; Terraform; Heroku;; k6


First 3 months can be fully remote from Ukraine, but after this, relocation to Wroclaw, Poland is required.

Relocation package:

- 2k euro for fly tickets

- 1-month free accommodation

  • help with all topics related to visa/blue card.



  • Programming, code reviews, team and department meetings, daily cooperation with team members,
  • Helping other devs (internally and externally for those that uses our APIs)
Experience: working professionally for 4+ years
English: Fluent in writing and speaking (B2 level minimum)
Salary: $4000-$6000 gross
This is a long term vacancy in an International e-commerce company for Ukrainian residents.
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