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About 4.7 million people are working remotely on an everyday basis. Among business owners who have chosen to work remotely, 85% are fully satisfied with the productivity of their team. If you are deciding on expanding your team with remote talents, let us help you find the perfect match!

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Data Entry Specialists can support you business by creating, organizing and maintaining different types of data. The main goal for such specialists should be not just simple data entering by making this data accessible at first requirement and easy to analyze. Fortunately, we are working with operators knowing how to turn what you are now thinking about as a mess into a well structured business data that could be of great help while analyzing and improving your business.


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A Good Data Mining Operator has to be able to identify and discover previously unknown, non-trivial, and practically useful information within large arrays of data accumulated in the various information systems. Moreover, this information must be necessary for business industry decision-making. No matter how hard the requested information is, if it exists, it means that our Data Miners will find it.

Data Mining

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A complex business analysis cannot be imagined without effective processing of huge amounts of different data. In such situations a professional Data Processing Officer would be of great help. Inputting, categorizing and organizing data in a proper way could give you a clear business picture. Data Processing Officers we are offering to work with do not only perfectly perform all these tasks. They could also advise you how to identify the best criteria of data collection and further analysis to obtain really representative and relevant information.

Data processing

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Incorrect or conflicting data leads to false conclusions and wrong decisions. Therefore, it’s extremely important to find a Data Cleansing Officer who will be able just to identify and outline the mistakes or irrelevant information in your database. Moreover, our specialists, unlike their colleagues from other remote markets, can also help you to verify or correct those mistakes and maintain both the quality and accuracy of data processed. 

Data Cleansing

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By numerous studies, Ukraine was confirmed as one of the best Europe IT markets. Ukrainian specialists are recognized as qualified, open-minded and proactive professionals. Ukraine has formed a strong IT society following the recent changes in the IT industry. So all Ukrainian resources including such jobs as Machine Learning Engineer, 3D Artist, Data Scientist, Mobile Developer are those people who will provide you with the best solution within the reasonable price.

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