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About 4.7 million people are working remotely on an everyday basis. Among business owners who have chosen to work remotely, 85% are fully satisfied with the productivity of their team. If you are deciding on expanding your team with remote talents, let us help you find the perfect match!

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Thoughtfully designed and implemented SEO strategy increasing both visibility and searchability of the website, bringing together you and your potential customer. SEO algorithms change constantly and it is very important to find a specialist who is aware of the latest professional innovations. Fortunately, Ukrainian specialists are among those one. They will do their best to make you and your business both visible and engaging.


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An SMM specialist is a person responsible for turning your company into a brand. Ever since this field appeared, SMM has ceased to be just a social media promotion. Now it’s about building strategy communication to hit your clients. Ukraine gives a wide range of experienced and creative SMM managers. They are proactive, creative and ready to make you an opinion leader and your business - a well-know brand.

Social media marketing (SMM)

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While choosing a marketing manager to cooperate with, you have to be sure that your specialist is able to analyze the topics, competitors and target audience, select keywords for campaigns and work with advertising budgets. Most of Ukrainian PPC Managers are former employees of the best marketing and advertising agencies. They do not only understand how much is spent on advertising and what is the ROI of advertising, but also know how to optimize your advertising campaigns.

Pay per click manager (PPC)

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By numerous studies, Ukraine was confirmed as one of the best Europe IT markets. Ukrainian specialists are recognized as qualified, open-minded and proactive professionals. Ukraine has formed a strong IT society following the recent changes in the IT industry. So all Ukrainian resources including such jobs as Machine Learning Engineer, 3D Artist, Data Scientist, Mobile Developer are those people who will provide you with the best solution within the reasonable price.

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