How it works

Our fees are the lowest within Ukrainian market. We have the most convenient risk-free workflow. However, Ukrany is always flexible on terms of cooperation.

Defining your specific needs
Describe what kind of employee you need right now, the key requirements for this person, his or her core competencies. Also important is setting a budget that you are willing to spend on wages.
Signing the Outstaffing agreement
The agreement is a prerequisite for regulating the terms of the collaboration, the length of employment, payments, data protection policies and any additional requirements.
Start of recruiting process
Based on your personal requirements and budget, our recruiters will start looking for suitable candidates. We have access to the top Ukrainian HR platform, as well as local professional communities.
Presenting candidates for you
We will send you a list of potential candidates that are best suited to your job requirements. You have the right to have an interview and give additional test assignments to make sure they are qualified enough.
Trial period for each candidate
To be confident in your choice, we suggest that you set a probationary period for an employee during which you can terminate the agreement at any time. From now on, you start to pay the set salary and our commission.
Approving the candidate
Once you have made your final choice, we approve the employment of this lucky one and continue our fruitful cooperation. Also, we are flexible and always open to your suggestions!

Our fees

We do care about your budget. You can tell us your expected rate brackets and we will find you relevant candidate within these costs.

  • Salary of the candidate
  • Ukrany fee (11-19 %)
  • Overhead services (50 $)
  • Bank fee (30 $)
  • Taxes (5 %)

You can always calculate your monthly expenses using the formula below. Yes, we are the cheapest within Ukrainian market.

Ukrany fee depends on the salary of the candidate and the length of cooperation. Also, we offer a number of bonus systems and you can decrease Ukrany fee to even 1%!

No matter what company, more experienced employees receive higher pay, but as a general rule, what you pay your in-house employee per week - you will end up paying Ukrany same-skilled employee per month. Same rule applies to commission based staff.

Let’s collaborate

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