How it works

UKRANY offers optimal market fees for top-notch staffing services. With a risk-free workflow, we are ready to meet your customized needs.

Defining Your Needs
Tell us about the optimal employee profile you need at hand, the requirements for your perfect candidate, and their competencies. We’ll set a well-balanced budget with you.
Signing The Outstaffing Agreement
The Agreement is a core component in setting the terms and conditions of our cooperation, term of cooperation, rates, data protection policies, and miscellaneous.
Launching The Recruitment
Based on your customized requirements and budget, our recruiters will start hunting suitable candidates. We much benefit from direct access to the top Ukrainian HR platform and local professional communities.
Presenting Candidates
We will send you a list of potential candidates that best suit your job requirements. You are welcome to interview and test them with additional assignments to check their qualifications.
Trial Period
We suggest you set a trial period for employees, so you can terminate the agreement at any time. From now on, we set a salary and charge a commission.
Approving The Candidate
After you’ve confirmed your best candidate, we will continue our cooperation. You are welcome to count on our follow-up support to ensure long-lasting and fruitful cooperation.

Our fees

We do care about your budget. You are welcome to share the expected rate range with us, so we can come up with the relevant candidature for you.

  • Salary of the candidate
  • Ukrany fee (11-19 %)
  • Overhead services (50 $)
  • Taxes (5 %)

You are welcome to calculate your monthly expenses with the formula below. 

We are your best cost-efficient staff provider in Ukraine! 

Our fees depend on individual candidates’ salary and cooperation period. We also offer a bunch of bonuses so that you can lower our commissions down to 1%!

On average, you will pay our skilled employees four times less than you pay your in-house employees. With Ukrany, you will save on commission-based staff!

Let’s collaborate

Send a request and discover how we can take your business into the next level